FIFA announces new tournament dates

FIFA announces new tournament dates: The international football association council has taken decisions related to the various championships and events. After assessing the impact of the emerging viral coronavirus in the world. And the recommendations made by continental federations and the coronavirus working group.

International football association decided to adopt the following football news dates for the tournaments. While continuing to monitor and evaluate the situation:

U-19 women’s FIFA world cup 2020 in Costa-Rica. Held from January 20 to February 6, 2021 eligibility to- participation in the tournament. Remains unchanged for players born (after January 1, 2000, or before 31 December 2004).

FIFA announces new tournament dates

Futsal world cup 2020 in lithunia: september 12 to octobor 3, 2021.

FIFA announces new tournament dates

The 70th general assembly meeting of the international football federation. Which was scheduled in Addis-Ababa is held via the internet on 18 September 2020

The FIFA council explained the football association will announce in the due course. The additional details of the Football News in 2020.

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