Copa America 2021

All the black clouds seemed to move away from Copa America one by one. The last time Brazil’s Supreme Court stood in the way of hosting the Copa. Eventually that obstacle was removed. The Brazilian Supreme Court has given the green light to host the Copa America 2021.

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Due to Corona, the decision to hold the Copa this year was made last year; But the Latin American Football Confederation has been facing many problems from the very beginning. Brazil, the joint host country of Colombia and Argentina, was reassigned to host the Copa.

However, more than 480,000 people have died in Brazil due to the corona. 1 Crore 70 lakhs people have been infected with corona. That is why many people in Brazil are against hosting the Copa in this situation. According to them, corona could worsen the situation if the cooper is organized.

At first Neymar agreed to participate in the Copa America Tournament, despite Brazil’s objections to playing in the tournament. But the latest exception is the Supreme Court of Brazil. They also finally gave permission to organize the tournament.

In one virtual session, 11 of the judges expressed their views in favor of hosting the Copa America. However, the Copa America 2021 organizing authority has also been ordered to take extra security measures to prevent the situation in Corona from deteriorating.

The court’s decision was welcomed by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. He is hopeful that the Copper event will be completed safely. However, keeping in mind the situation, the tournament will be organized in the absence of spectators in the empty field.

By Alex