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How to play Tennis? :- Tennis is one of the most beautiful sports, a sport where passion, hard work, and skill make one a champion. It would be a shame not to know how to play tennis. However, before you know how to play tennis? you should first know something about the history of tennis and the rules of tennis.

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Tennis has its roots as a sport in the English Victorian era. Initially played by mostly elite and wealthy people who wanted to enjoy a pleasant evening. Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world. The history of Wimbledon is full of dignity and glamor. The first edition of Wimbledon was called the Lawn Tennis Championship and was played in 1877. Two years after Major Walter Clapton Wingfield applied the rules of the game of tennis.

The rules of how to play tennis have not changed much. Since 1890 when the rules of Cambridge were applied to the game. If you want to know, how to play tennis? you first need to know something about the equipment used to play this great game. Each player uses a racquet to hit the ball with a net towards his opponent on the court. The size of the racket can vary from petite to the large racket.

How to play Tennis?

To learn how to play tennis you really need to watch professional games. Currently, number one on the ATP list is Rafael Nadal. A player you must know if you are a fan of the sport or just a newcomer. Who wants to know how to play this beautiful game. Nadal is a formidable tennis player, known for his aggressiveness behind the basal defense and strong court coverage. Nadal has been dubbed “The King of Clay” as the best clay tennis player of all time. In fact, almost all of his victories over his biggest rival and former number one Roger Federer. Were in the mud, leading the overall series from 14 to with the top over.

Nadal and Federer are also the only pair of men to finish six consecutive calendar years. As the top two in the AIT circuit. Comparing Nadal’s style of play with Federer’s is like comparing a goalkeeper to a striker. Their playing styles are completely different. Although Nadal is a hard-working player, Federer plays tennis with more ease and precision.

More Technic for playing tennis

Federer’s best asset as a stable tennis player is his service and the integrity of his backhand. Now, this is a player who really knows, how to play tennis? you must learn a lot if you watch these two amazing player games.

If you want to know if you want to play tennis as a girl. You can also look for great female tennis players like Williams Sister and Kim Kleizster. Kim Clijsters is famous for her athletic and fast playing style. She is the first woman to hold the US Open since Serena Williams in 2001. The only third woman to win two Grand Slams as a mother.

The most convenient way to improve your tennis is to start practicing several times a week. Participating in a disciplined routine is really the only way to learn to play tennis. You can read as much theory as you want, without practicing you will never learn the technique and beauty of this amazing game.

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