One child was treated By Ronaldo

The referee canceled his goal against Serbia in the World Cup qualifier. Cristiano Ronaldo lost his temper and threw away the captain’s armband. Portugal also lost the match. But that armband was useful in the treatment of a child suffering from a complex disease in Serbia.

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How? CR Seven’s armband went up for auction. Yes, that’s right. Wondering how this is possible? Let’s say the matter from the beginning.

Portugal faced Serbia in the World Cup qualifier last Saturday. The result of the game till the appointed time was 2-2. The incident occurred during extra-time play. Ronaldo’s shot from a high ball beats the Serbian goalkeeper and goes towards the goal.

At this time a defender of Serbia cleared the ball. The replay, however, shows that the ball has crossed the goal line by then; But the Portuguese players got angry as the referee did not order the goal. Ronaldo also protested for a while around the referee and the linesman.

The referee showed Ronaldo a yellow card

The referee then showed Ronaldo a yellow card. After that, the game started for a while but CR Seven left the field. He also threw away the captain’s armband. The referee then blew the whistle at the end of the match in a 2-2 situation.

That armband found a staff member in the stadium. Who handed it over to a voluntary organization. The organization is raising money for the treatment of a 6-month-old child in Serbia with a serious illness. That’s why the armband is being put up for auction. This is doing a great job from Ronaldo, One child was treated with the armband thrown by Ronaldo

According to the company, that armband with ā€˜Cā€™ was auctioned on Tuesday. The auction goes online for three days. The child will be treated with the money received from there. For this reason, One child was treated with the armband thrown by Ronaldo.

Despite losing his temper, Ronaldo unknowingly did well for someone. This is what the fans of the Portuguese star are saying after hearing this news.

By Alex