Test Championship Final

What will happen if there is a final draw or tie in a match of the upcoming Test Championship? In that case, India and New Zealand will be declared joint champions, the ICC said.

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The first Test Championship final will be played on June 18 in Southampton. Its updated ‘playing condition’ was announced on Friday by the highest governing body of cricket.

Reserve Day is in the final. However, the game will be played on reserve day only if for some reason time is wasted in the allotted five days and it is not possible to make up for it in those days. The match will be declared a draw if there is no result after playing for full five days.

If time is wasted in the match, the match referee will regularly inform the two teams and the media. Whether there is a need to play on the reserve day will be announced before the start of the last hour of the fifth day.

The playing conditions for the opening round of the Test Championship were set in 2018. The ICC has updated it before the final.

By Alex