Washington Football Team vs Detroit Lions -NFL Week 10 Game Preview

The two and six Washington football team hits the road in week 10off to Detroit to take on the three and five lions. Who isn’t going to win too many games? When Matthew Stafford plays like he did the last week Stafford threw two interceptions before his day came to an end his inability to practice with the team most a last week showing through in his play another issue. He had in their loss to the Vikings no Kenny Halle day and his importance can’t be overstated.

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He’s played in four full games so far the lions winning three of those four go idea is dealing with a hurt hip and it’s not clear if he’ll be back for this one and that could make things even tougher for Stafford being Washington’s pasty has been one of the stingiest in football west passing yards per game allowed in the NFL how’s that Washington fans and while that figure might be tied to the fact they’ve faced the second-fewest attempts in the league. They’ve also held QB’s to a sub 90passer rating and a completion rate in the low 60s.

Washington has not played the run quite as well though they allowed the giants to hit them for 4.7 a pop the last week and while the lions aren’t usually a run-first team. maybe this week they should try it Deandre swift went for 4.9 a carry last week and the only other time. he had double-digit carries in the game he averaged over eight a run so seems like there might be some untapped potential there. Washington also might be sitting on a sneaky good running back of its own but he too needs more opportunities to prove himself Antonio Gibson scored last week.

But they only handed him the ball six times but you’d have to think they’ll feed him the rock more this week based on how the Lions played the run last week. that he breaks the tank when he’s off to the races Detroit let Calvin cook ring up over two bills against them rushing the ball and while the cook is maybe the best pure running back in the game right now the boys in Honolulu blue have still allowed close to four and a half yards of carrying on the season like a bullet break against the pass they faced just 20 kirk cousins pass attempts.

He threw three of them for TDS Detroit sure endearing a gotti141.7 ratings caught for a touchdown up next Alex smith who took over mid-game last weekend threw his first TD pass since coming back from that horrific injury he suffered in 2018. and then McCrory breaks free terry McLaurin will take it.

All the way for a Washington touchdown smith finally was allowed to sit back and actually throw downfield too he racked up 325 yards on10.2 yards per attempt there was a downside though smith also throwing three interceptions the third ending potential game-winning drives. but Washington’s not dead yet not in the NFC east anyway and neither are the lions for that matter who knows what the playoff picture is what it is it’s prediction time.

By Alex