SI Swimsuit model Natalie Mariduena, who has almost 4 million followers on Instagram alone, wants to promote "body normalcy." The model first made a splash in the pages of the magazine in 2021

There isn't a type of modeling in the industry that falls in the middle; instead, you either see very thin models or plus-size models "the Fox News Digital source, a native of Chicago .

I want to serve as an illustration of that and demonstrate how cool and lovely it is. I show my body, my life, what I stand for, and what I value without any filters [on social media]..

The photos don't show it, but there are about 20 to 25 people standing behind the lens who are hollering encouragement and motivation at you.

Young women who are impressionable and looking to me as an example for themselves are among my countless followers "She spoke. 

My countless fans include impressionable young women who look to me as an example for themselves "She uttered. "I make an effort to interact with people,.

There are about 20 to 25 people standing behind the camera who are shouting words of inspiration and motivation at you, but it is not visible in the photographs.

Being a part of a magazine that accepts and celebrates you for who you are as a model is the greatest feeling in the world "She spoke. "I recall that early that morning,